Teaching Philosophy

The Taleblazer workshops are designed to foster confidence in young writers’ creative process so they:

  • Can embrace the messiness, uncertainty, and (beautiful!) mystery of early drafts.
  • Develop a vocabulary to describe their own process.
  • Learn to generate their own writing strategies.
  • Engage the power of their 5 senses and direct observation to sharpen their stories.
  • Build a community of writing buddies who encourage their leaps and creative risks.
  • Read their own fiction aloud to a friendly audience.

Ms. M.G. takes her years of experience as a professional writer and translates it into a fun, kid-friendly approach to creative writing: word games, writing games, sharing their pieces, collaborative storytelling, fun with props, music, movement, and senses.

Freedom. Through her Taleblazer workshops, Ms. M.G. hopes to inspire young writers to claim the uniqueness of their own creative journey. She encourages them to write with honesty: what they really care about in the world, what tickles their funny bones, and what brings them joy.

Siblings smile